Choose from a variety of Liberty Wave bundles depending on what interests you.

Categories: Open or Schools
Distances 1km 2km 4km 4 x 1km
Race the Waves only $58 $78 $98 $48 per pax
Add-On A:
Wave Eats
$45 per pax
Add-On B:
Wave Class
$100 per pax
Add-On C:
Wave Class + Wave Eats
$145 per pax
Distance 300m
Standard Price $30 per pax
Price $100 per pax


  • If you’re participating in the race, enjoy a discounted rate for your kids at $20
  • If you are entering the race as a group of 10 or more, enjoy a 5% off your registration fees. Do contact for more details.
  • If you’re participating in the team race, your individual timing is automatically considered in the individual 1km race
  • Team events must be of mixed gender, with a minimum of 1 person per gender per team
  • Participants will receive one timing chip for every race event signed up for. 
  • Participants must return the timing chip to the Organizer, and failure to do so will result in a fine of S$30 per chip. (Participants in Wave Kids will not receive timing chips)
  • All prices quoted in SGD, and are inclusive of prevailing GST
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